26 plus or 29? The choice is yours

As anyone will know who’s into mountain bikes, right now you are bombarded with wheel size options, so confusing and making choosing the right bike even harder.

For us at Smokestone Bikes is simple, we make a frame that will do more than run one wheel size.

The “traditional”; if there is such a thing, 26 x 4″ fatbike wheel is so versatile allowing the rider to take on every type of terrain going, but still people fancy options.

With the introduction of other plus sizes the possibilities of running other wheels means the humble fatty can do just that, unlike the normal mountain bikes, where you are stuck with what you have.

With this in mind, we are now offering a range of extra wheels for you to choose from.

More on this shortly but just to show how it looks, here’s my own Henderson in 29 plus mode.

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