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Mr Harry's
Henderson 29Plus


Delivery times and Pinion Information

As you may be aware there are currently long delays with cycling products around the world. This is affecting our delivery times for all our Titanium frames.
The current waiting time is 3 months from time of placing orders.
Pinion - We are no longer offering Pinion gearboxes with our frame. We can supply frame only with a Pinion fixing plate but not the gearbox.


Welcome to Smokestone Bikes

 In the Heart of the Cotswolds

Smokestone Bikes came about from one man's passion to make bikes he needed and couldn't find. Its seems others like what's been created.

Designs are created to fulfill a purpose, not to just follow a trend. Team riders and customers feedback also feeds into the design process.

Being a small brand we can adapt quickly.


Join the Fatbike World and realise a whole new cycling experience over any terrain.

XC/Adventure Bikes

After building our first Mr Harry its clear others are realising its the bike they have been looking for. Super versatile and meeting the needs of the new breed of bikepacker.

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Dave Hayes Henderson frame.

How to buy

Visit us in Store at Slam69
We recommend getting perfectly sized up, before purchasing your Smokestone Frame or Build.

You’re welcome to visit us anytime; demo bikes are available for car park tests or hire them out for a day.

Address and Map below

Order Online at Slam69

From the comfort of your home, order yours online at 

Drop us a message
We can put a quote together for you. Send us a message with your ideas or must haves.

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Unit 2 Pegasus Centre
Hurricane Road

01452 690 641


01452 690 641

Unit 2 Pegasus Centre
Hurricane Road

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