From a garage to a bike brand.

Welcome to Smokestone Bikes, based in Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves in being rider owned with many many years of mountain biking experience to call on from riding at the highest level to 30 plus years in the workshop

Our roots stem back to the early 90's with our original company Bigfoot UK, where we produced aluminium mountain bike frames in the Malvern hills.

The name Smokestone comes from a close friend who passed away just before the first prototype was produced. It was his nickname and it only seemed fitting to keep his name alive so it became the first frames model name. The Bigfoot "Smokestone".

Later to cut a long story short the name was lost in a company takeover, the new owners didn't really do anything with it, so when it became available again, it came back to its rightful home and the new Smokestone brand was re-established. 

Things have obviously moved on but our desire to produce proper go anywhere offroad bikes is still our aim. This and a desire to build bikes that last, not a fashion trend but a bike to keep for many years to come and still be current. 

Things kicked off with our first aluminium frame, the Henderson. The name came about after asking for ideas from followers on FaceBook, as the previous company started under the name Bigfoot, The Henderson was suggested, from the film, "Bigfoot and the Hendersons". Thanks Gordon.

Our frames are now designed in house then manufactured in the far east; along with most brands now, and the quality and expertise  is first class. Once welded they are shipped back to us for finishing, which means we can offer full custom paint and other finishes.​

Things are steadily growing and with it our range of frame designs. We recently introduced titanium into the mix. This offers us more flexibility should the customer want the geometry tweaking to suit their needs, as each frame is ordered individually.



Hi, my names Graham Foot and I'm the owner, designer and tester of Smokestone Bikes.
This is the place it all starts out. From design to build and getting ridden, its all kicks off here.

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