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We Bring You the Bow Ti LS

The most radical Fatbike in the world

•   Progressively radical geometry
•   Titanium ride quality
•   Versatile wheel compatibility
•   UK rider developed


So whats all the fuss about?

Smokestone bikes bring you the all new Bow Ti LS. As the "Ti" part of the name suggests this frame is made from the wondrous material that is grade 9 3Al/2.5V titanium. As for the "LS",  let's just say the geometry is bang up to date, so Long and Slack. Adding these into the mix with a well damped 140mm fork makes this baby something to behold through aesthetics as well as performance.

The Bow Ti LS is unique and pushes the fat boundaries even further, not only will this bike take you anywhere but now you can climb and descend the gnarliest trails in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

Liam Crook abord His Henderson


The things you need to know.

  • Material: - Titanium grade 9 (3Al/2.5V)

  • Headset Size: -   Top cup = IS 42  , Lower cup = IS 52

  • Rear Axle: -   197 x 12mm. Axle included.

  • Seat Post Size:  -   31.6mm

  • Seat Clamp Size: - 34.9mm (Silver Standard version Included)

  • Dropper Post:  -  Internal Stealth cable routing

  • Sizes:  -  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (Special sizing is available)

  • Now available with internally guided cable routing.

Warranty - 5 years for the original owner.

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Useful Info

What fits what

We are a great believer in keeping things simple, try and use standards that exist and components that you can get in most bike shops. 


Rear dropouts

The dropouts are 12mm bolt through with a replaceable gear hanger. The axle is supplied with the frame.

Bow Ti Headtube

Headset type

Integrated headset size IS42 top and IS52 lower. This type of headset does not require cups to be pressed into the frame as the bearings sit directly into the frame.


Rear hub type

You can run a normal Fatbike rear cassette hub as the rear sprocket fits onto the freehub with spacers.


Crank Type

The cranks need to match the rear axle spacing, so for 197 rear axle you need a 120mm crank. This will still be listed as suitable for a 100mm bottom bracket but come with 10mm spacers each side.

The Bow Ti Dropper routing_edited.jpg

Seat post

The seat post size is 31.6mm and the frame can take an internal dropper post, the cable routing exits the frame just above the gearbox then has external guides up the down tube, making it super-easy to maintain and fit.


Tyre size

The Bow Ti LS can come in 12 x 197mm rear axle spacing, this is to cater for a wide range of tyres up to 26 x 5" or 27 x 4.8".