XC/Adventure Bikes


Our Mr Harry family of bikes came about when Smokestone owner Graham Foot, found the need for a gravel type bike that had a higher front and would take a tyre up to 29x2.8. It also needed to adapt to road mile munching. Extra load carrying is also catered for with mounts for racks and extra water bottles.
We chose titanium for our frame material as it offered comfort, strength and lightweight. 
All of our titanium frames and made to order so any special features can be included.

Mr Harry

Mr Harry in 29 x 2.8. mode

Titanium Adventure Bike

This is no ordinary gravel bike, like all of our bikes Mr Harry came about not by trend but by need. Based around a titanium 29" boost platform and plenty of load carry capability, or you can build a superfast XC machine. The choice is yours.

Mr Harry's Flatmate

Harry (1).jpg

A Flat bar Adventure Bike

Mr Harry Flatmate is based on our Mr Harry frame but has been adjusted to run flat bars.
As well as being a fantastic long distance bike packing bike, its also perfectly at home thrashing your local XC trails


Now then...


Now here we have an example of the versatility of our Henderson frame. 
I know this should really be in the Fatbike area but, as you can see its perfectly at home with a set of 29er wheels.

Henderson 29er


Details coming

Henderson 29er

Henderson 29Plus

Details coming