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So we've not only updated our website but it now includes complete bike pricing

Since starting out Smokestone has been about offering lots of options of bike spec but it's clear that most end up choosing a similar spec so we decided to simplify things, we have now settled on a complete bike spec for each of our frames.

All our builds now use parts from the UK's finest, Hope Technology. This not only means high quality components but also a choice of colours. Other parts come from Gusset and Halo, again UK brand brands.

We have settled on SRAM GX for our Henderson and Bow Ti gearing, with SRAM AXS upgrade available.

Our Mr Harry and his Flat Mate use Shimano GRX for their gearing, with a SRAM AXS upgrade available. Halo take care of the wheels.

Of course nothing is set in stone, the Henderson and Bow Ti can be ordered with Rigid or suspension fork.

Mr Harry and his mate also have fork options including Lauf, Rockshox and Rigid carbon from Whiskey.

To find out more check out our newly refreshed site

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