Smokey NEWS #1

Smokey News. 2021.

Our latest frame design is about to be ordered.

"Mr Harry's Flat Mate" is as the name suggests a flat bar version of the popular Mr Harry drop bar adventure beast.

Aimed at both bikepackers and xc racers alike. With plenty of bottle cage mounts and a large frame triangle to allow room for a frame bag.

Its also the frame chosen by two crazy athletes who are not only competing in the World Adventure Championships But not happy with that challenge they have entered the 2021 SilkRoad Mountain Race

More info on these epics and who's doing them shortly.


The ever popular Henderson frame is now officially available in all sizes with black decals in raw for £350. We'll have a link on the Slam69 site shortly. This will speed up the buying process for those happy to have a non painted frame.

Of course the option to have it custom painted is still there but we've seen a growing demand for raw frames.


27.5 x 197mm is now a thing so to meet the demand we have updated the Bow Ti to allow for the largest of wheel options. Frames will also come with pannier mounts as standard.


I, Graham, am always looking at what I ride and what I plan to do in the future, in so doing frame designs spring to mind and one such project is a cargo/bikepacking type frame. Not a full on monster but something that will allow for adequate bag attachments without having to bodge a rack of bag system on. Its will be a fatbike but as always be able take 29er wheels. I'm always thinking about avoiding to have loads of bikes, when you can have one that will cater for a lot of your riding styles.

More news soon

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