So Why should I consider a fatbike?

There's a few simple questions that may help you, or make you Fat-curious.

  • Do you like to explore?

  • Do you want a bike that can cope with all types of terrain, like Snow, Sand, Roots and Rocks?

  • Do you want a bike that reduces erosion and environmental impact?

  • Is fun more important than speed?

If any of these tick a box for you then it may be worth trying one of our demo bikes.

For Smokestone Owner/designer Graham Foot, fatbikes came into his life unintentionally. Despite not wishing to ride one, the distributor of a fatbike brand sent Graham a rather battered demo bike just to try. In just a 3 mile ride from his bike shop to his home, the fat penny dropped and the journey began. 

A fatbike offers you the ability to explore all types of terrain in comfort and simplicity. From cross country to bikepacking to enduro or just pottering around your local trails, a fatbike will take it all on.



Aluminium Fatbike

Our first and still most popular frame, the Henderson is available as frame only or a complete bike. Each bike is built using Hope componentry throughout. Plus you get to choose the colour of the frame. Gearing is SRAM GX 1 x 12. Option of rigid or suspension forks.


BowTi Frame.jpeg

Titanium Fatbike

Looking for a bike for life? Then this is the bike for you.

Again available as frame only or complete bike. The frame is a thing of beauty, crafted from Titanium offering a light weight, compliant yet strong base for your dream bike.
We offer one build with the option of a rigid or suspension fork. For full details click the link.



The Radical Titanium Fatbike

Check this baby out! Take the benefits of a great fatbike then chuck in some long and slack geometry and you have one of the most radical fatbikes on the planet. We give you the Bow Ti LS. 
Now available as a complete bike.


LS 4.jpg

The Ultimate Fatbike

Titanium craftsmanship mixed with the world's best gearbox drivetrain.

We’re proud to offer high quality products. Contact us today to learn more.