The Ti Pin

The Ultimate Go Anywhere Bicycle

So, why a gearbox fatbike?

Fatbikes are already proving a great tool for exploring just about any terrain, from snow to beach to mountain to singletrack trail and even road. 

The Ti Pin takes things to the next level, removing the chances of damage to your expensive gearing, removing the never ending maintenance required to keep things running smoothly but it is at a cost, not only the cost in money terms but the weight does go up. You have to way up the benefits against the negatives, yes it's heavier but its bombproof and will work 247 no matter what, yes its expensive but you only buy it once and traditional drive trains are getting more and more expensive and fragile.

You may be the person  who buys a bike and aims to keep it for years, or just want to have a bike that will last and be trouble free, if so this is the bike for you.

Lastly, don't be put off by the fact it's a fatbike, you can run fat tyres up to 5" or 29er tyres down to 2.2, you just need a spare wheels set. (We Offer this) so it's truly a bike for everything.

Interested, read on below...

Pinion shifter

The Frame

So we have taken the geometry from the Bow and introduced a gearbox into the build bringing together the longevity of titanium and the low maintance of the gear box, this delivers a true bike for many many miles and years of use in all conditions.


The Gearbox

The Pinion core technology is built around spur gearing. This provides high-precision shifting. Permanently reliable, wear-free, low maintenance. Pinion transmission delivers long-lasting performance and reliability perfectly suited to go with a fatbike. Centrally integrated in the bicycle frame and protected by an enclosed housing, the gearbox is the epitome of innovative bicycle drive technology.

Our first test bike was fitted with the P1.18 version. After many hours of testing we have decided to spec the more affordable and lighter C-Line.

The C1.12, which is 12 speed and has a lighter magnesium casing and still has all the benefits of it's more expensive bigger brother.

Full technical information on the gearbox including gear ratios can be found here


The package

We offer the frame and gearbox as a package. This includes the C1.12 gearbox, shifter, cables, cranks and chainrings.
The frames come in 4 sizes, small to extra large. Frames come with either 197 or 177mm rear axle spacing.


Why Ti?

Titanium is the dream material for a bicycle frame, lighter than steel, more compliant than Carbon and corrosion free. All our Ti frames and made using Grade 9 3Al-2.5V tubing. 
Ti-3Al-2.5V (GR 9) is an alloy consisting of 3% aluminum, 2.5% vanadium, and 94.5% pure titanium. This grade has excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and higher mechanical properties than stainless steels, For the same size, the weight only 56% of stainless steel.


Frame Specification

The things you need to know.

  • Material: - Titanium grade 9 (3Al/2.5V)

  • Headset Size: -   Top cup = IS 42  , Lower cup = IS 52

  • Rear Axle: -   12 x 177mm or 12 x 197mm (Bolt through axle included)

  • Seat Post Size:  -   31.6mm

  • Seat Clamp Size: - 34.9mm (Included)

  • Dropper Post:  -  Internal Stealth cable routing

  • Sizes:  -  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (Special sizing is available)



The Vital Numbers

The TiPin geometry chart is taken from the Bow Ti. Geometry designed around 120mm fork.

TiPin downtube

Useful Info

What fits what

We are a great believer in keeping things simple, try and use standards that exist and components that you can get in most bike shops. 

Rear dropouts

The dropouts are adjustable to tension the chain. The axle is 12mm bolt through

Headset type

Integrated headset size IS42 top and IS52 lower. This type of headset does not require cups to be pressed into the frame as the bearings sit directly into the frame.


Rear hub type

You can run a normal Fatbike rear cassette hub as the rear sprocket fits onto the freehub with spacers. 

Crank Type

Pinion supply cranks and a spider specific for fatbikes. 


Seat post

The seat post size is 31.6mm and the frame can take an internal dropper post, the cable routing exits the frame just above the gearbox then has external guides up the down tube, making it super-easy to maintain and fit.

Tyre size

Here is a wheel/Tyre size guide.
Rear axle width 177 x 12mm  
26 x 4"
27.5 x 4"
Rear axle width 197 x 12mm
26 x 4" to 5"
27.5 x 4 to 5"
Note: This is a guide and some tyre manufacturers sizing can be different to the stated size. If in doubt please contact us.


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